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Cross-Country Skiing Quotes for Inspiration

Cross-country skiing is one of the most physically demanding activities you can do outside.

At speed, it pushes the body (especially the heart and lungs) to its ultimate limits and engages every major muscle from head to toe.

It is also quite a beautiful way to escape the daily grind and improve your fitness.

When you’re out on a snowy trail, the world grows still and quiet and it’s easy to absorb the benefits of your time in nature.

But if those things alone aren’t enough to inspire you to strap on a pair of skis and hit the trails, these quotes capture the essence of both aspects of cross-country – the grueling intensity and the heavenly environment.

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Cross-Country Ski Quotes That Focus on the Physical

These XC ski quotes are all about the physical aspects of the sport.

  1. Cross-country skiers are the elite endurance animals of winter sports. – Martin Gibala
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2. Cross-country skiing is the original extreme winter sport. – Andy Newell 

3. As cross-country skiers, we tend to be a bit fanatical, because it’s our own energy that makes you go. – Dean Glaze

4. In cross-country skiing, athletes propel themselves over distances of ten and twenty miles – a physical challenge that places intense demands on the ability of their red blood cells to deliver oxygen to their muscles. – Malcolm Gladwell

5. Skiing is better than sex actually, because for me a good round of sex might be seven minutes. Skiing you can do for seven hours. – Spalding Gray

Cross-Country Ski Quotes That Focus on the Backdrop

These XC ski quotes are about all about the emotional impact of a snowy landscape, the freedom of cross-country, and the environment.

6. Skiing is expensive, but it’s cheaper than therapy.

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7. Cross-country skiing is great if you live in a small country. – Steven Wright (Perhaps the most famous XC ski quote of all time.)

8. A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. – Warren Miller

9. Skiing holds everything. I used to race cars, but skiing is a step beyond that. It removes the machinery and puts you one step closer to the elements. And it’s a complete physical expression of freedom. – Robert Redford

10. I do uphill skiing; I don’t do downhill skiing. I think that’s for nerd amateurs. – Judah Friedlander

11. Backcountry skiing is full of surprises. – David Goodman

12. It is better to go skiing and think of God than go to church and think of sport. – Fridtjof Nansen

13. A person should have wings to carry them where their dreams go, but sometimes a pair of skis makes a good substitute. – Hans Gmoser

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14. When on clear cold days you are skiing across a vast expanse of white emptiness and the air seems perfectly still and you almost imagine there is nothing alive on earth except for you, you can sometimes hear wind currents tangling in the upper air. They moan or make soft howling noises, and in so desolate a place they seem to cry out to have meanings attached to them. But these writhing drafts have no meaning. The rest that one poet finds in falling snow is, for another, winter muffling its victims’ screams with a pillow. – Anders Morley

15. Wisdom of the Ages: “Ski-ing” The act of visiting Polish people. – Matthew Heines

16. Life is like skiing in the powder snow. You can see where everybody else has gone and where they end up, but you must choose your own path and take it. You can never follow the exact same path. – Carrie Cotter

 17. The true skier does not follow where others lead. He is not confined to a piste. He is an artist who creates a pattern of lovely lines from virgin and uncorrupted snow. What marble is to the sculptor, so are the latent harmonies of ridge and hollow, powder, and sun-softened crust to the true skier. – Porter Fox

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