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Cross-Country Skiing Puns For Some Ice Cold LOLs

Want to be punny on your cross-country ski treks?

We’ve been binding around trying to rustle up some of the slappiest cross-country ski puns around.

We think we’ve come up with some XC-lent ones destined to become classic, and are offering them up freestyle.

So, sitzmark down and let us take you on a Voyager.

  • I gave up cross-country skiing. It’s been downhill ever since.
  • Cross-country skiing is XC. (You might have to say this one a couple of times, but you’ll hear it.)
  • Cross-country skiing is flexy.
  • Don’t be surprised if you get hit on while cross-country skiing. It’s the law of a track, Son.
glide to be
  • Glide to be cross-country skiing.
  • I always want to be in the lead when I’m cross-country skiing, but I’m usually trailing.
  • I generally prefer to stick to groomed cross-country trails, but sometimes I get off-track.
  • I thought I’d gotten lost in the backcountry, but it turns out I’m on track.
kick XC
  • I get a kick out of cross-country skiing.
  • I almost ran into another XC skier on the track, but I skated by.
  • The P.I. is investigating what happened to the end of my ski pole. It’s a basket case.
  • The cross-country skier always writes a haiku on the bottom of her skis when she’s waxing them. She waxes poetic.

Punny Cross-Country Ski Jokes

All of these cross-country ski jokes feature punny punchlines.


Q: What did the XC skier at the top of the slope say to the one still at the bottom?

A: Camber on up here.

Q: What did one XC skier say when the other said he couldn’t stay still on his skis?

A: Get a grip!

Q: What did the XC skier say when the other XC skier said she was leaving the ski area?

A: Don’t go off-piste!

Q: What kind of haircut does a slaloming cross-country skier like?

A: A sidecut.

Q: What did the XC skier say when his skiing buddy tripped over his pole with both feet?

A: Don’t put all your legs in one basket.

Q: What is a cross-country skier’s favorite fabric?

A: Corduroy

Well, were you glide you read these XC skiing puns or would like us-SA to skate on out of here?

We know some of these were pretty base, but we do hope you found a few flex of humor.

Please, don’t kick our skins. We didn’t mean to make you groomy.

We’re real pin heads.

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