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Sledding Quotes For Some Winter Inspiration

Sledding may be a great way to inject some fun into your fitness and fitness into your fun, but it can still be hard to get up and do it when you’re warm and comfy on the couch.

These fun and nostalgic sledding quotes will remind you of the joy of childhood and make it easier to hit the hills when you need a little encouragement.

  1. Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. – Andy Goldsworthy
snow childhood

2. In places the shore of the lake rises abruptly from the water’s edge. Down these steep slopes we used to coast. We would get on our toboggan, a boy would give us a shove, and off we went! Plunging through drifts, leaping hollows, swooping down upon the lake, we would shoot across its gleaming surface to the opposite bank. What joy! What exhilarating madness! For one wild, glad moment we snapped the chain that binds us to earth, and joining hands with the winds we felt ourselves divine! – Helen Keller

3. His face cut through the frigid air as he began the descent, moving through the substance called snow on the vehicle called sled, which propelled itself on what he now knew without doubt to be runners. Comprehending all of those things as he sped downward, he was free to enjoy the breathless glee that overwhelmed him. – Lois Lowry

4. Cold was something that was accepted, like air, clouds, and parents; a fact of Nature, and as such could not be used in any fraudulent scheme to stay out of school. – Jean Shepherd

5. Summer: the season of inferior sledding. – Inuit Proverb


6. As I took my children sledding this morning, I watched them fly down the hill – aiming for the jump and flying in the air. Getting the wind knocked out of them as they landed hard then climbing up to do it again – relentless and brave. I took a moment to be happy they are young and innocent and appreciate the simple thrill of going fast down a hill. I pushed my own nervous inclination aside and instead of saying “Be careful!” I said “Aim Straight!” Then I let them go down the jump again and again because in this world, we need to be relentless and brave and I need to be sure they don’t unlearn it. ― Elizabeth Tambascio

Sledding Quotes From Movies & TV

sled fun

Perhaps no place is the nostalgia for sledding so strong as in movies and TV shows. 

Clark W. Griswold did it to comedic effect in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

The girls challenged the boys to a sledding battle of the sexes on South Park.

George Bailey uses a shovel as a sled in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Whether played for laughs or to tug at the heart strings, sledding simply encompasses the essence of youthful winters like few others things.

These quotes about sledding from TV shows and movies capture the sentimental feeling that is taking a seasonal sled ride.

7. Nobody had that much fun in a sled since Santy Claus. – Sanka Coffie (Cool Runnings)

Cool Runnings

8. Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s bobsled time. – Sanka Coffie (Cool Runnings)

9. You know if I wasn’t so awfully terrified, I might be having fun. – Charlie Goldfinch (Unaccompanied Minors)

10. So, the plan is we sled and then we sled some more and then we keep sledding. Sound good? – Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

11. I’m going back to the hill to sled as is my God-given right. – Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

12. We’re going to sled ourselves sick! – Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

13. Sledding’s my favorite sport because Lady Gravity does all the work. – Gene Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)


14. Emmet Otter: Wasn’t that great?
      Ma: It’s good enough.
      Emmet Otter: Good enough for what?
      Ma: Good enough to do again!
             (from Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas; it’s technically about an ice slide, but close enough)

And to finish things off, when Bob’s Burgers did their sledding-themed episode, they went all in. Here’s a little ditty from the show that will stick in your head for days:

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