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Sledding Puns For Chilly Laughs This Winter

Want to be punny while you go sledding?

We’ve got some winterful puns snow funny they’ll melt your frosty exterior.

So, lay back and let’s powder through.

go with the snow
  • Snow and tell.
  • Sledding is snow much fun.
  • Boldly going where snowman has gone before.
  • That hill? I’m snow over it.
sled head
  • Sledding is flaky.
  • In a flurry to go sledding.
  • Sledding starts out at the top, but it goes downhill from there.
  • My friend borrowed my sled without asking, but I’m gonna let it slide.
sleigh all day
  • Sleigh safe.
  • Hanging on by a sled.
  • It’s a nice day for a white sledding.
  • When sledding, your hands can get very cold. You should check them inter-mittenly.
great powder
  • My friend asked me if I wanted to go sledding. But I don’t know. It’s a slippery slope.
  • I got tricked into entering the sledding pageant. Then, I won. I was Miss Sled.
  • Let’s make one more run… for cold time’s sake.

Punny Sledding Jokes

All of these jokes about sledding feature punny punchlines.

fleeced 1

Q: What did the sledder say when she got dressed to go sledding?

A: I’ve been fleeced.

Q: Why did the person ride their sled to the bazaar?

A: To-boggan.

Q: What’s a snow lover’s favorite band?

A: Sled Zeppelin.

Q: What did the sledder feel when they flew off their sled?

A: Snowing pains.

Q: What do you get when you grass sled in Spain without the sled?

A: Gracias.

Well, did these puns fall over you like a blanket or did we take a spill?

We tried to shovel up some of the best, but it’s easier sled than done.

Slush, now. Don’t squall. We’re luge-ally better than this.

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