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5 Good Ski Resorts For Beginners In Colorado

Skiing is not the best winter activity for someone who has never done it before.

So, selecting the perfect ski resort for newbies is of utmost importance.

The last thing that you want to do is end up with a beginner skier at a resort that doesn’t have any easy slopes. That’s a recipe for disaster.

What you need is a ski resort that has some small, easy slopes that lets beginners get out there and experience the slide of going down the slope on skis.

You don’t want to have a new skier at a resort having to deal with some of the challenges that come on the harder slopes.

With that in mind, the Winter Sports FTW team has looked at all the popular resorts in Colorado and come up with those that have the best slopes for beginners.

Take a look below and find the perfect place to take that newbie skier.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Probably one of the most well known resorts in the entire state of Colorado is Breckenridge.


It is also one of the best ski resorts with families and a perfect place to teach your kids how to ski. In fact, there is an entire mountain used for beginner skiing – Peak 9.

This resort has several beginner ski trails, but don’t worry if you’re more advanced and tagging along.

You’ll also find plenty of intermediate and extreme trails to tackle.

What makes Breckenridge so great for those learning to ski for the first time is that Peak 9 gives you unlimited and uninterrupted time to get comfortable on your skis.

Loveland Valley Ski Area

The Loveland Ski Area is a great place for ski enthusiasts of all skill levels because they have two distinct areas based on skill.

For beginners, there is Loveland Valley serviced by the Chair 7 chair lift and intermediate and racing slopes can be accessed via the Chair 3 lift.

“Take Off” and “All Smiles” are the gentle slopes for new skiers.

So, if you’re more experienced, plan on spending more time in Loveland Basin where the more challenging slopes can be found.

One of the closest ski resorts to Denver, this is a popular spot for Denver locals.

And, it’s also great for snowboarding.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Another great Colorado ski resort that has plenty of slopes for beginners is Copper Mountain.

In fact, around 20 percent of the slopes and trails are marked for beginners.

Plus, the resort is set up so that all the slopes are separated by skill level, which means no worrying about huffy advanced skiers zooming past you while you’re trying to learn.

One of the nice things about Copper Mountain is that it is located smack dab between the more popular Vail and Breckenridge, but it much cheaper to visit that those two resorts.

Keystone Ski Resort

Another popular Colorado ski resort is Keystone.

It is a very large resort with plenty of skiing trails and slopes for all skill levels.

The ski school is excellent and perfect for kids learning to ski for the first time.

More advanced skiers will love all the trails available to them as well, which makes this resort a great choices for families of mixed skill levels.

Buttermilk Ski Resort

Don’t let the silly name deter you from checking this one out.

At Buttermilk, you’ll find the easiest mountain to ski in Aspen.

It is basically an entire mountain designated for people learning to ski.

As you might expect, this place is very kid friendly and the perfect place for newbies who are little scared but still want to try skiing.

Plus, the scenery is amazing here.

Final Word

While Colorado is chock full of great places to go skiing and lots of cozy ski resorts, we think that the five options listed above are the best places for new skiers to get comfortable out on the slopes.

And don’t worry if you’ve got some experienced skiers in your party, because these resorts have something for everyone.

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