10 Unique Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

family in snow

It’s no secret that our kids spend far less time outdoors than we do. Glued to their digital devices, most kids are more than happy to spend their entire winter vacation in front of a screen. Although the last thing you want to do is fight with your kids over their excessive screen time, research … Read more

Can You Snowshoe Anywhere?

woman snowshoeing

One of the great things about snowshoeing is you can do it just about anywhere there’s enough snow. That’s kind of its whole thing. It’s about getting out in those winter elements and going places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to go without heavy trudging and rapid exhaustion. So, as far as whether you CAN … Read more

What Is The Point Of Snowshoeing?

man snowshoes through mountainous landscape

Snowshoes keep you above the snow… to an extent. They increase the surface area under your feet, which helps you “float” or stay higher in the snow than a regular shoe. This increase in surface area also provides greater stability. And that makes it easier to maintain balance in landscapes that may be uneven. These … Read more

How Much Snow Do You Need To Snowshoe?

person in snowshoes on snow

Snowshoes work by distributing a person’s weight over a larger surface area to keep the person “afloat” much like a ship floats on water. Without enough distribution, or any snowshoe at all, the snowshoer would sink straight through to the ground. But a snowshoe provides the buoyancy to keep a person largely “on top” of … Read more

Can You Wear Uggs In The Snow?

boots in snow

After a long day on the slopes, you likely want to slip your feet into something warm and cozy like your favorite pair of Ugg boots. But, should you really be wearing those Uggs out in the snow? No, you shouldn’t wear Uggs in the snow – unless you’ve got one of the few waterproof … Read more

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)

hockey skate and puck

When you have thick feet, standard hockey skates just aren’t a comfortable fit. Instead of trying to cram your feet into skates that are too narrow, you can shop around for the few brands and models and offer wide sizes. As a fellow wide foot hockey player, I’ve tried a few different brands and can … Read more

How To Measure A Hockey Stick & Get The Right Size

hockey game close up

There is an array of hockey sticks from different companies, and each stick has its distinctive qualities. In choosing a hockey stick, it will highly depend on its attributes that fit your playing style, abilities, and position. Also, the decision on the type of material for your stick is critical and it can either be … Read more

How To Lace Hockey Skates The Right Way

hockey skates on ice with puck

Are your ankles and feet sore often after practice or games? More than likely it is related to the lacing of your skates. Something that is often overlooked in ice hockey is the proper lacing of skates. While many find focus on the type of skate, the actual lacing of skates is critical to ice hockey … Read more

Getting Started With Snowshoeing

guy snowshoeing

Winter sports are notoriously tricky little monsters. Popular offerings like skiing and ice skating done on snow or ice take a greater sense of balance than many of the offerings on dry land and have a bigger learning curve because of it. A lot of the fitness activities you can do spring through fall can’t … Read more