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Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)

When you have thick feet, standard hockey skates just aren’t a comfortable fit.

Instead of trying to cram your feet into skates that are too narrow, you can shop around for the few brands and models and offer wide sizes.

As a fellow wide foot hockey player, I’ve tried a few different brands and can recommend you my favorite options when it comes to hockey skates in wide width.

Quick answer: What are the best ice hockey skates for wide feet?

About Hockey Skate Sizes

hockey skate and puck

I’ve recently discussed how you get get a good fit from your skates, but I didn’t cover the differences in width and challenges that people like you and I have getting that perfect fit.

So, let’s dig into that a little deeper.

As you may know, feet come in all different widths from narrow to regular to wide and extra wide.

Do you know which one of those best describes the width of your foot?

Are you a wide or an extra wide?

Because the difference can really affect your comfort and your performance out on the ice.

Below is how the different widths are labeled on hockey skates:

  • Wide fit = E/W
  • Extra wide fit = EE

If you’re really not certain of your foot width, then you might need to buy both wide width options and try them on to see which is more comfortable.

And, of course, like all shoes your comfort can vary by hockey skate brand.

A good rule of thumb is to buy the same fit that you buy in running shoes because it should be about the same for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the type of skate you’ll need will depend on your skill level.

Our Favorites: Top Hockey Skates In Wide Widths

After comparing all of the top brands and looking at tons of different models, we’ve narrowed it down to just our top five favorites.

So, if you’ve got wide feet and are in the market for a new pair of skates, then we suggest checking out one of our recommended models.

CCM JetSpeed FT475 Skates Review

If you’re on a budget, then these cheap ice hockey skates are a good alternative to the higher cost Bauers above.

These CCM JetSpeed FT475s have high-end performance features that intermediate and advanced skaters will enjoy.


Like all Jetspeed skates, the FT475s is a medium-volume skate, but its fit shades tighter in the heel and forefoot.

Though the instep comes in standard medium-volume dimensions, the aggressive heel lock and tapered toe make the Jetspeed a smart choice for players with in-between-sized feet.

The CCM JetSpeed FT475 ice hockey skates are built for the weekly players who is looking for a comfortable skate and the right performance features to play their best when they hit the ice.

Sizes go up to EE in width.

Top features on this one include:

  • One Piece Boot for a closer fit and a more direct energy transfer
  • HD Micro-fiber liner for good resistance to wear
  • CCM Ortholite footbed that wicks away moisture for comfort and support
  • Multi density memory foam for a customized feel
  • Interchangeable felt tongue

The Jetspeed FT475 features a one-piece boot for a more direct energy transfer and a solid core to generate a great skating performance.

The one-piece boot will give you a closer fit allowing for faster strides.

Where to Buy:

The Jetspeed FT475 comes with a 7mm felt tongue with a reinforcement layer features for increased comfort and protection.

Helping this custom feel is CCM’s Memory Foam pads which is carried down from the top-of-the-line FT4 Pro skate.

The multi-density foam pads wrap anatomically around your foot providing quality comfort while also offering you a personalized fit.

Rounding out this skate is the Speedblade XS Holder with the CCM XS stainless steel runner.

The Speedblade Xchange System holder, found in the top end FT4 Pro and AS3 Pro, makes changing your runners quick and easy so you can get back on the ice without missing a shift.

Using this technology is as easy as rolling the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, then popping the blade out. Place your new blade into the holder, turn back the dial.

The CCM JetSpeed FT475 may sit at a lower price point, but it includes plenty of high-level features and technologies, with the right comfort and feel for the casual players who are still looking for performance benefits to help their game.

Performance-level skaters will appreciate the stiff boot and various comfort upgrades on this skate.

And the budget-conscious will love it’s cheap price.

Bauer Vapor X700 Skates Review

This is another great option for the advanced level skaters.

With a mid-level price point, this model is cheaper than the Bauer Nexus 2Ns and slightly more expensive than the CCM Jetspeed FT370s.


The Vapor X700, like all Vapor skates, is a low-volume skate. If you have a narrow forefoot or a shallow heel, the Vapor line will likely fit your foot better than other Bauer offerings.

The X700 fills the gap between Bauer’s top-end skates at much higher price points, and more affordable skates without this wide array of pro-grade features.

Sizes go up to EE in width.

Top features on this one include:

  • Fiber Composite+ quarter package for reinforced high-end performance
  • X-rib design for quicker acceleration and increased stride stability
  • Hydra-Max liner for abrasion-resistant, dry comfort
  • AnaForm ankle padding for secure interior comfort
  • Form-Fit+ Grip footbed for locked-in security
  • Pro TPU outsole for increased energy transfer
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder for trigger-quick blade replacement

Bauer’s Hydra-Max liner is a premium, abrasion-resistant material that wicks moisture and sweat from the feet for a dry, comfortable fit.

The liner also has a grippy texture that helps hold the skater’s foot securely in place.

The footbed on the X700 is Bauer’s Form-Fit+ Grip, and the heel cup now has more grippy texture to help the foot stay in place.

The AnaForm ankle padding gives players a snug, comfortable feel inside the boot, and a custom fit after baking.

Where to Buy:

These are a great option for performance to elite-level players who are looking for a great value.

Bauer’s X700 skate is aimed at a broad segment of the market and is built to please.

CCM Ribcor 66K​​​​ Skates Review

Here we have another affordable option for the intermediate to advanced level ice hockey skater.

This line was recently revamped and is a great choice for players that are looking to get the most out of each stride.

Sizes go up to EE in width.


Delivering solid ventilation around the quarter package with a composite mesh skin upper, the CCM Senior Ribcor 66K Ice Hockey Skates manages moisture accumulation to keep you cool and dry throughout each game, while its injected boot and outsole continue to maintain a stiff, durable feel to enhance protection.

Top features on this one include:

  • Quarter Package: INJECTED WITH COMPOSITE MESH SKIN – Durable boot with structural stiffness.
  • Liner: HEAVY DUTY MICRO-FIBER – Comfortable and high resistance to wear.
  • Tongue: FELT TONGUE WITH EMBOSSED LACE-BITE PROTECTION – 7mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.
  • Outsole: REINFORCED INJECTED OUTSOLE WITH EXHAUST SYSTEM – Solid energy transfer profile.
  • Footbed: CCM ANATOMICAL RESPONSE – Provides great support and comfort.
  • Holder: SPEEDBLADE 4.0 – Proven durability with increased attack angle providing greater strides and cornering.
  • Runner: SPEEDBLADE STAINLESS STEEL – Provides a long lasting edge for long term performance.

The Ribcor 66K ice skate features an injected quarter construction that works in tandem with a composite mesh skin.

This construction provides structural support while still maintaining the flexibility that the Ribcor line is famous for.

Inside the skate, CCM uses a new contoured heel lock design.

This design replaces the need for the Pump from previous Ribcor models.

Now, the ultra-comfortable and secure fit is built right in.

The Ribcor 66K ice skate has a heavy-duty microfiber liner that provides a comfortable fit with a high wear resistance.

Further enhancing comfort and protection, the Ribcor 66K ice skate employs a 7mm felt tongue with embossed lace bite protection.

This tongue uses reinforced felt layers to maximize protection, stabilize the foot, and provide unmatched comfort.

Where to Buy:

These are a great choice for the player who wants something cheap, but without sacrificing quality and performance.

Bauer Supreme S37 Skates Review

If you’re a beginner with wide feet, then look no further than these cheap Bauer Supreme S37 skates.

They’re the cheapest wide hockey skates we recommend and they are perfect for beginners to intermediate ice hockey skaters.

Sizes go up to EE in width.


The Bauer Supreme S37 ice hockey skate is a smart choice for the intermediate performance-level player who needs a high-volume skate with plenty of top-end features.

Top features on this one include:

  • 3D Lasted Flex Composite that’s heat moldable and gives you a customized feel for a closer fit.
  • LockFit Liner with aerofoam ankle padding and a hydrophobic microfiber liner to help wick away moisture to keep your feet dry.
  • LS+ Stainless Steel runner making it more durable with a longer edge life

The 3-D core provides an anatomical shape so the skate fits the natural curves of the foot right out of the box.

It also provides surprising stiffness for a mid-level skate, giving developing skaters plenty of power as they master their stride.

The moisture-wicking microfiber liner creates a soft feel but the foam ankle pads will lock in a skater’s heel for excellent stability.

A fiber composite boot gives the player more flex, to allow for a proper range of motion in the skate, making it easier to use out of the box.

Comfort comes from a lightweight memory foam in the ankle padding AND a 40 ounce tongue with mesh metatarsal guard, which also offers added flexibility.

Finally, it’s equipped with the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder, which allows for the quick release-swapping of steel, offering ease of maintenance and dependability.

The S37 has a FLEX RATING of 65, offering a high level of support and stability for the player.

Bauer’s Supreme S37 is a great mid-level skate that provides a lot of top-end quality sure to please the performance-level, recreational athlete.

The thermoformable and memory foam features provide much of the customized comfort of more expensive skates but at a price point designed to get skaters into the game.

Where to Buy:

The intermittent pond hockey hero or casual men’s league warrior will appreciate the plush but stable and secure fit at a price that won’t knock them out of the game.

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