How To Choose Your First Skis

woman skiing

One of the most exciting steps on your journey as a skier is the moment you ditch renting or borrowing skis, and invest in your first pair. There’s something really special about doing the research, shopping around, learning what you want from your skis, and finally committing to your first pair of your very own … Read more

Best Places To Ski In Vermont For The Season

stratton ski resort

In the cold months, northern states are a winter wonderland. For snow-enthusiasts, it’s time for ski season. Technically, you can ski anywhere with an incline and powder. Yet not all slopes are created equal. Discover the best places to ski in Vermont and what you can do at each. 1. Okemo Mountain Resort Okemo Mountain … Read more

Tips For Your First Backcountry Skiing Trip

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After years and years of resort skiing, you’ve probably heard about skiing the backcountry and you may be ready even to go off-piste, but you’re not sure where to start. Don’t worry we got you covered. There are many similar terms thrown around for backcountry skiing: there’s slackcountry, off piste (in Europe), sidecountry etc. They … Read more

Choosing A Good Snowboard For Beginner Shredding (2022)

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You may be surprised to learn that snowboarding has eclipsed skiing with participation almost equaling that of cross-country and alpine combined. Most users are under 30 and male. And there’s no denying the adrenaline rush it offers which probably explains the demographics behind the sport. But with the popularity of Olympic snowboarders like Chloe Kim, … Read more

Buying The Best Ski or Snowboard Helmet For Beginners (2022)

skiing with helmet

If you’re a snowboarder, you’re in good company. Nearly 8 million people participate in this activity which is almost as many as alpine and cross-country skiers combined. Aside from your snowboard, your helmet is the most important piece of gear you’ll buy. Think of it as life insurance. It’s an unfortunate fact that beginners have … Read more

Beginners Guide To Buying Your First Snowshoes (2022)

snowshoes in the snow

Looking for a simple way to start participating in winter sports that won’t send you crashing down the mountain while clutching your skis and poles? For shy snowsports enthusiasts (or clumsy ones! ), snowshoeing is the ideal solution. The best method to get started is to buy a good pair of snowshoes, put on the … Read more

13 Beginner Snowboarding Tips: Advice For First-Timers

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Are you daydreaming about how amazing it will feel to shred down the mountain once you get yourself a new snowboard and learn the basics? That’s good, because it DOES feel awesome! However, you can’t just buy a new snowboard and start down the mountain popping off anything you see. It takes some practice and lots … Read more