How To Size Hockey Skates For The Right Fit

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Most people without the proper knowledge might assume that when picking a hockey skate, they should pick up the same size as they wear in tennis shoes. This is simply not correct. Buying tennis shoes and hockey skates are two entirely different things. When shopping for tennis shoes, many people pay attention only to the … Read more

How To Get Better At Ice Hockey

two hockey players on ice

Ice hockey is a sport that requires skill and passion by those playing the game. Such a rigorous sport provides the opportunity for players to get better, but there is lots of hard work and motivation required to meet these goals. Becoming a better ice hockey player is not something that will develop over the … Read more

Best Downhill Ski Boots For Beginners & Intermediate Skiers (2022)

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The quality of your downhill skiing boots has the potential to greatly enhance your skiing experience or completely ruin the experience.  After all, skiing is centered on the point of contact between skis and the snow.  If your boots are uncomfortable or unreliable, you will find the downhill skiing experience much more difficult and unrewarding.  … Read more

How To Make A Sled Go Faster

fast sledding

A classic recreational activity, sledding is a great way to remain active even throughout the cold winter season.  However, if your sled is inching along as slowly as a snail or continually getting stuck, it might not seem like too much fun. To enjoy sledding more, you may want to try some of the tips … Read more

Should You Invest in an Avalanche Airbag Setup? (for snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding)


Anyone who loved being in the great outdoors and enjoys winter sports like snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding knows that with all the beauty also comes a deadly power- the avalanche. It is known that it is important to prepare for your time in the great outdoors and this is especially true of preparing for worst-case … Read more